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Fantastic experience. I came to Love Acupuncture last Friday with a (semi-)recurring lower back condition. I usually try to let it heal with time but didn't really have that option. My wife recommended that I try acupuncture for it so I did. It took three treatments over four days to do what usually takes weeks. I've had acupuncture before but not for this condition with limited results. Tanya was great at understanding my issue and taking the right actions to address it. Her attention to detail was impressive. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has recurring pain or physical issues. Steven B.  10/2017

This is the best acupuncture experience I have had in the Portland area. I highly recommend Ryan Love. Not only was he extremely professional and personable, but also very knowledgeable about how to treat my symptoms and other areas of my health that I had been wondering about. Bloom Yoga, 08/2017

Love, love, LOVE!!!! Tanya is great! Saw Ryan as well when she was gone. They are both fantastic. My health has noticeably improved and chronic pain has been left in the dust! Sarah B. 10/2017

I was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome during the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy- I had lost feeling in my hands and was in constant pain. My OB referred me to Tanya for treatment, WOW! I immediately got relief! I continued my treatment throughout the remainder of my pregnancy-What a GOD send!
I have continued to see Tanya for other health related issues with amazing success.
Tanya has alway made me feel safe, comfortable and has been a constant support for me to improve my quality of health. Truly a life altering experience! 9/2017 Gwendolyn F. 

My husband has been going to ms. Love for acupuncture for migraines. She is amazing and has helped him tremendously with his headaches! Heather S., 2016

Testimonials from our patients 

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OMGOODNESS I can't say enough good things about Tanya! I have been suffering with the same pain for over a decade I have seen MANY doctors trying to figure out the cause after ultrasounds MRI's and various other evasive procedures, everyone was stumped but Tanya listened to what I thought it was unlike others who told me what they thought it was and she was able to reduce my pain from an 11 to a 5 and in a few more sessions I believe we will have it conquered and I won't remember the days I couldn't walk to save my life and I'll be be back hiking those trails like I used to. The atmosphere in the room is always pleasant and soothing. Tanya goes out of her way to make sure you feel comfortable whether it's making sure you have enough blankets and pillows to feel at ease, to explaining the procedures. Tanya has an excellent way of explaining everything so it's relatable. I highly recommend you give her a try. I'm in the he process of showing my child who suffers from migraines the process. So Tanya can ease her pain as well:)  10/1/2017 Frances L.

I have been going to Tanya, for about 2 years. I have arthritis in my low back and hips and her treatments reduce my pain by, at least, 80%! I am able to attend my 2-3 dance classes, a week and walk my dogs. My doctor recommended Tanya and I was skeptical that acupuncture would be affective. I was wrong! Also, Tanya has a very calming demeanor and her treatment room is very pleasant and relaxing. Did I mention that she is extremely well trained and continues her education, from experts from all over the world? Wonderful? 2/15/2018 Victoria J.

Very pleased with my new experience with Love acupuncture. I have had my eyes opened to this form of treatment available to us all that I don't think we use enough. I've had treatments with Tanya and Ryan and they are both very knowledgeable, listen and suggest alternatives for your comfort level. Side note to my initial reason for seeing them, a several year back pain is also greatly improved. Win win! 9/29/2017 Alison S.

In just a few short months of acupuncture, Tanya has been able to eliminate the pain in my lower back and hip to zero percent. Tanya is calm, knowledgeable and listens to her patients needs. I'm very happy with the results. 3/15/2018 Donna M.

Tanya is knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend getting acupuncture done here. 3/9/2018 Alyssa S. 

I was a sceptic to acupuncture but after only 3 sessions with Dr. Tanya Love.....I AM IN LOVE WITH ACUPUNCTURE! It is amazing how good my chronic sore neck and back feel!!! No more headaches! No more tingling arms and hands!!! WOW!!! This really works!!! 3/5/2018  L. Bridge

I love coming in to see Tanya! She is warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. She helped me overcome my plantar fasciitis in a matter of weeks! She's now helping me post-fall to recover some mobility I have lost. I can't recommend her enough! 8/16/2017 Sarah B.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Love Accupuncture. My daughter and I have been seeing Tanya 2x a week for over a year now and recently we have been seeing Ryan as well, and I can't say enough good things about them. They are very caring and attentive to your needs. Your comfort and successful treatment is very important. I have never felt rushed during a treatment and they have been so giving of themselves in helping us in our healing journey. 8/3/2017 Angie T.

Tanya is so incredibly sweet and wonderful! The whole team at her clinic (Sunnyside Collaborative Care) are amazing! My whole family goes there for primary care, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic. Tanya has a gentle, caring personality and you can tell she really cares about how you're feeling. I really like that she does cupping too, that along with acupuncture, helps with my pain management a lot.  4/23/2017 Alyssa P.

Tanya is great!  She cares about her patients.  I felt at ease right from the beginning of my appointment.  She was able to treat the pain that I've had for years on my right ankle.  I mentioned to Tanya that I also had a head ache and suffer from migraines and she wanted to know more.  She treated me for that too!  I left her office feeling so much better!  Tanya is cheerful, professional, listens to her patients and is knowledgeable.  Going in for acupuncture treatment leaves me feeling fantastic!  Tanya has changed my life - sooo much better. 10/7/2015 Lynn C.

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Been scared of needles my whole life - but the pain in my ankle from a water ski accident was so intense that I chose to try acupuncture. Tanya was gentle and understanding, and I didn't really feel any needle pain. But best of all - my ankle feels so much better. I'm looking forward to our next visit!!! 4/1/2015 Lynn C.

Tanya is like a breath of fresh air who found her true calling as an acupuncturist.  She is a natural.  Her objective is to identify the cause rather than merely treating symptoms in order to produce lasting results for her patients.  Ask questions and you will receive answers.  Tanya is quite genuine.  I feel she truly cares about all of her patients and that leaves me feeling confident and in good hands.    My first course of action for myself and friends is to seek acupuncture before seeing the family physician.  I recommend Tanya without hesitation.  Amazing! 10/6/2015 Leanne C.

Was pleased with our visit.  Tanya is knowledgeable and has helped reduce my lower back pain that has been there for years. 4/5/2017 Cheryl G. 


Testimonials from our patients

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Dawn M.  Tanya is such a kind and loving soul. She clearly loves her job and takes the time to make sure all of your questions are answered. Highly recommended. March 29, 2016


Henry L.  Went for the first time not knowing what the expected outcome might be. I felt some relief almost immediately but when I got up the next morning oh what an improvement. I am now looking forward to my second visit. Tanya is very informative and explains each and every move and what each puncture is to impact. I would recommend her to anyone. January 18, 2016


Dominique L.  I started going to Tanya after suffering from severe lower back and hip pain during my pregnancy. Her treatments took care of my pain and a myriad of other problems. Her treatments were so direct and on point, I left my appointments feeling so rejuvenated! Besides the acupuncture treatments, Tanya provided me with nutrition advice, dietary changes, recipes, helpful articles, and most importantly an ear and a hug! Pregnancy can be scary, painful, lonely, awkward, beautiful, exciting, and oh so joyful! No matter where you are, Tanya will be there to walk the journey with you! I can't wait to go back! September 24, 2015


Debby S.  My treatment with acupuncture was unbelievable!!! Tanya was amazing!!! She explained everything & answered all my questions. I have been trying many things for my pain & this was the last on my list. I thank Tanya for her BLESSED HANDS & making me feel so much better. I'm now just using a cane. Pain is down to 4-5. I will definitly return to Tanya when I return home. No complaints from me! Thank you So much Tanya! September 11, 2015


Dana S. I went to Tanya as a result of severe dental pain. I thought I had a horrible cavity or root canal needed to be done, but after seeing my dentist the assured me nothing was wrong with my teeth. He sent me along to Tanya under the assumption that the pain was caused by a sinus infection. Tanya's treatments for a sinus infection worked quickly and relieved my pain after just two treatments! She also completed solved my end-of-pregnancy hip pain that I was experiencing. After seeing how effective she is, I quickly sent my husband and my mother to her business. They both had quick positive experiences for long-term low back pain and tennis elbow. We are strong believers in Tanya's business! August 9, 2015


April M. Tanya has been wonderful! She listens and helps to realistically help issues. I have a complicated issue, she tries new things, and looks to find out the root of the issues. She has helped in ways that I would never have even thought of. I would recommend Tanya to anyone.   July 8, 2015


Leanne C.  I totally enjoyed Tanya as an acupuncturist. She has a deep passion for area of work, very professional, very informative and a strong base understanding of acupuncture. I have an injury from a previous employer and when I leave, I feel the tightness and burning sensation relieved. Without hesitation, I recommend her to family members and friends. Can not wait until my next appointment to see her! March 31, 2015


Mary Lou T.   Tanya is awesome! Her bedside manners are professional and comforting. She has helped relieve the pain in my heel from an old injury. I look forward to my visits with her!!!  March 12, 2015