Patient Testimonials

"My treatment with acupuncture was unbelievable!!! Tanya was amazing!!! She explained everything & answered all my questions. I have been trying many things for my pain for years & this was the last on my list. I thank Tanya for her BLESSED HANDS & making me feel so much better. I'm now just using a cane. After 4 treatments in 8 days my is down 50%. I will definitely return to Tanya when I return home. No complaints from me! Thank you SO much Tanya!" -DS

"I started going to Tanya after suffering from severe lower back and hip pain during my pregnancy. Her treatments took care of my pain and a myriad of other problems. Her treatments were so direct and on point, I left my appointments feeling so rejuvenated!  Besides the acupuncture treatments, Tanya provided me with nutrition advice, dietary changes, recipes, helpful articles, and most importantly an ear and a hug! Pregnancy can be scary, painful, lonely, awkward, beautiful, exciting, and oh so joyful! No matter where you are, Tanya will be there to walk the journey with you! I can't wait to go back!" -DP

"I went to Tanya as a result of severe dental pain. I thought I had a horrible cavity or root canal needed to be done, but after seeing my dentist the assured me nothing was wrong with my teeth. He sent me along to Tanya under the assumption that the pain was caused by a sinus infection. Tanya's treatments for a sinus infection worked quickly and relieved my pain after just two treatments! She also completed solved my end-of-pregnancy hip pain that I was experiencing. After seeing how effective she is, I quickly sent my husband and my mother to her business. They both had quick positive experiences for long-term low back pain and tennis elbow. We are strong believers in Tanya's business!" -DS

"I went to see Tanya after learning my daughter was lying side to side in my belly at just about 37 weeks. I was scheduled to have manual version on 8/17 (today!) after 3 treatments, the baby turned and she is now in my pelvis where is supposed to be! Not only was the treatment incredibly relaxing, she also helped my low back/SI joint pain I had had from a recent fall. I am so happy we chose to try acupuncture, I definitely a believer in this practice and her abilities! Highly recommended!" -AR

"My treatments with Tanya are amazing! She is so thorough and explains everything she does. Tanya is very knowledgeable and precise in her treatments. Her committed and caring way makes the experience so very relaxing and pleasant. Just wish I'd found her sooner!" -CL

"I would like to offer my strong endorsement of Tanya Love’s skills as an acupuncturist. I received acupuncture regularly from Tanya. The lung issues for which I sought treatment improved during the course of my treatments. I found Tanya to be gentle, skilled, knowledgeable, collaborative and caring in her work. She did a good job of explaining what she was doing, outlining choices and enlisting my opinions, Her insertion of the needles was so gentle that often I could hardly feel them being placed. Finally, she seemed thorough in her intake questions, and is a very compassionate person who communicated a sense of genuine personal caring. I recommend Tanya highly and without qualifications!" -KG

"During my pregnancy I suffered from recurring headaches. Tanya's warm energy, sweet smile, and natural talent for acupuncture did the trick. The headaches stopped and I had a great pregnancy and childbirth!"  -SK

"Tanya is awesome! Her bedside manners are professional and comforting. She has helped relieve the pain in my heel from an old injury. I look forward to my visits with her!!!" -MT

"I totally enjoyed Tanya as an acupuncturist. She has a deep passion for area of work, very professional, very informative and a strong base understanding of acupuncture. I have an injury from a previous employer and when I leave, I feel the tightness and burning sensation relieved. Without hesitation, I recommend her to family members and friends. Can’t wait until my next appointment to see her!" -LC

"I have always had back pain from my job. During my first acupuncture treatment ever, Tanya used three needles and made the pain go away."  -DH